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Edison Spaces is hassle-free office space that serves start ups, small teams, and entrepreneurs. To serve the needs of modern companies, Edison Spaces view office space as a service, and offers built-in flexibility and convenience.

With their high end furnished spaces, they free up businesses from the arduous task of finding real estate, negotiating leases, and worrying over furnishings and design. They offer modern amenities like blazing fast fiber internet, business-class printers, and cutting-edge conference rooms. And, their offices are located in the suburbs, where people live, to cut commute times and reduce the hassle of parking. They currently have three locations in suburban Kansas City and St. Louis.

94 West supports Edison Spaces by managing their digital marketing strategy, which focuses on an efficient Google Ads campaign, as well as brand awareness LinkedIn ads. The Google Search Ads make extensive use of location and demographic targeting, phrase and exact match keywords, negative keywords, and conversion tracking to make sure the campaigns are effective and efficient.


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