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Google Ads & Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Google Ads & PPC that gets results

Advertise to the right customers at the right time.

Stop worrying about wasteful ad spend. We set up optimized ad campaigns, and continue working to improve your return on ad spend. We’ve achieved excellent results for small and medium sized business that had struggled with pay-per-click (PPC) in the past. 


Extensive use of negative keywords


Conversion tracking from day 1


Clear goals & objectives


Understanding & attention to quality score


Campaigns with clear objectives


Obsessive attention to ROI


Optimized landing pages


Iterations, experiments, & constant improvement

Google Ads Management

Effective Google Ad campaigns include landing page development and optimization, keyword selection, ad content and creation, bidding strategy, ad placement, audiences, and more. 94 West orchestrates Google Ad campaigns that are highly targeted and well-designed. A combination of search and display ads is generally recommended.

Google Search Ads

We set up a targeted search campaigns using Google Ads for those searching for your services within your service area. We can help you understand how the Google Ads auction works, and how we can be successful. Some of the major tasks include:

  • Keywords – Identifying the best keywords to trigger your ads, based on competitive analysis, volume, intent signals, and cost comparison.
  • Landing Pages – Designing and deploying landing pages that are optimized for conversions, and include the content needed to raise your campaign’s quality score, thereby reducing the overall cost-per-click. Google has a formula for determining your cost-per-click, which factors in the quality of your landing page and the relevance of your ad. Over time, the quality of your campaigns greatly influences your visibility and cost.
  • Ads & Assets – Each campaign will be well-organized, with ad groups that include ads and assets related to your keywords.
  • Conversion Events – Conversions (such as form submission or phone calls) will be set up and tracked for each ad group, ad, and keyword to optimize the campaign.
  • Bid Adjustments – Settings will be used to target demographically and geographically, to exclude low-performing devices, and to ensure ads only show on the higher-performing Google search page, rather than across the network (in apps, etc).
Edison Spaces Ads
Edison Spaces Ads

Google Display Ads

Display ads are generally shown based on a user’s past behavior or search activity. These types of ads are generally much less expensive than search campaign ads but are somewhat less effective.

A typical display campaign might be designed as such:

  • Three display campaigns will be set up – one for those that have visited a competitor’s page, one for those that have searched for related terms, and one for those that have previously visited your site (remarketing).
  • These ads will include a short descriptive headline, your company name, a logo, and sometimes a photo, depending on the location the ad is shown.
  • These ads will also include demographic and geographic targeting.

Google Ads Budget

The amount you spend on the ads is up to you and can be adjusted at any time. It is important to let the initial campaign run for 10 days as the system learns how best to optimize your results. Every major change requires a new learning period. We won’t know how much it costs to bring in a new customer until we learn what the conversion rate is per click for your industry.

At 94 West, we use retainers or project-based fees for ad management services. We never take a percentage of your ad spend as our pricing model. We think it is more important to base our pricing on our effort, and not on your spend. We think this is more transparent, and ensures you know we’re making budget recommendations in your best interest, not ours. 

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