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Algas-SDI Website Design

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Algas-SDI Website Design

94 West designed a new WordPress website for Algas-SDI, a Seattle-based manufacturer offering reliable clean-energy systems for commercial, industrial and utility customers. From small gas fired or electric vaporizers and compact packaged systems to large fully engineered and integrated utility systems, Algas-SDI has the resources and products to provide the solutions to any energy challenge.

Their new WordPress design features a more flexible homepage layout that doesn’t use sliders, so that it loads faster, is more user-friendly, and is easier to add new product lines and announcements.

It is critical that users are able to see updated product documentation, so the website also includes a product documentation management system. There is a  documentation section on every product page, and users can easily download product info sheets, brochures, specs, and manuals without searching or opening additional tabs.

The product documentation is maintained using a WordPress plugin that creates special links for each document, bypassing the standard Media Library link structure. When a document is updated, the link remains the same, and there is no need to find and update every link within the website. This helps prevent 404 errors from documents that are linked from external sites or bookmarks, and ensures that only the latest documentation is available.

Useability was the driving force behind the WordPress design update, which also included improved mobile navigation and on-site search function. The website features a fast-loading, mobile-friendly design to maintain and expand the company’s already excellent SEO presence.


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Algas-SDI Website Design
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